Toolroom Psychology

Tool Steel Selection and Die Coatings

Introduction to Sheet Metal Stamping and Dies

Stamping Die Set-Up Procedures


Tool Room Psychology - 4 Hours

During hard economic times, it's difficult to find the capital necessary to buy new equipment or invest in new technology. In order to remain competitive, each and every employee must work as efficiently and effectively as possible. The effectiveness of an organization greatly depends on the ability for each and every employee to communicate. To be effective, the working culture must stimulate internal motivation from its employees. This condensed practical leadership program provides an introduction to the key concepts of communication, counseling, teams and team building, leadership behaviors, internal motivation principles, and performance. We will cover the thoughts, behaviors and skills that are essential and necessary for successful leadership. This course is presented from a "shop floor" perspective and is ideal for those working in the skilled trades.

Topics Include:
    Our Thoughts
    • Paradigms
    • Shifting Paradigms
    • How Our Thoughts Affect Our Behaviors
    • Understanding And Respecting Other People's Paradigm's
    • Establishing Reality-Based Paradigms
    • Developing A Value System
    Our Words
    • The Importance Of How We Communicate
    • Analyzing Your Own Words
    • Beyond Words, How Your Behavior Screams Words
    Our Actions
    • Controlling Anger
    • Behavioral Determinism
    • Power Versus Authority
    • The Strength of Humility
    • Mentoring Others
    • Leadership Behaviors
    • Earning Respect
    • Top-Down Or Bottom-Up Leadership Methods
    • Putting First Thing First
    • Prioritizing Your Time
    Understanding Yourself
    • Analyzing Your Strengths
    • Identifying Your Weaknesses
    • Using Your Technical Weakness As A Strength
    • Monitoring Your Own Behavior
    Changing Bad Habits
    • Praxis
    • Going Out Of Your Comfort Zone
    • Keys To Changing
    Developing Your Character
    • Keys To Motivation
    • Integrity
    • Respect
    The Benefits
    • Financial
    • Emotional
    • Psychological


Tool Steel Selection and Die Coatings - 8 Hours

This practical course focuses on understanding the many types of tool steels available as well as their best applications. Tool steel coatings, types, and application methods will also be discussed. This course is intended for individuals with tool design or build experience.

Topics Include:
    Tool Steel Fundamentals
    • Carbon
    • Alloys
    Tool Steel Types
    • Conventional Tool Steels
    • CPM Tool Steels
    • Carbide Pools
    • Aluminum Bronze
    Tool Steel Characteristics
    • Toughness
    • Wear Resistance
    • Machinability
    • Thermal Stability
    • Weld-Ability
    • Interface With Metal
    Machining Effects
    • Wire Burning
    • Grinding
    • Milling
    Solving Tool Steel Failures
    • Cracking
    • Galling
    • Chipping
    • Mushrooming
    • Losing Hardness
    Tool Steel Coatings
    • PVD
    • CVD
    • TD
    • Cold Coat
    • Coating Advantages
    Tool Steel Selection For Coatings
    • Temper
    • Type
    Preparing Tool Steel For Coatings
    • Surface Finish Requirements
    • Polishing Techniques


Introduction to Sheet Metal Stamping and Dies - 8 Hours

This fundamental course will provide the attendees with a basic understanding of the sheet metal stamping process, as well as define the role of dies. It is intended for those individuals with little or no stamping or die-related experience.

Note: This course is available through Expert Technical Training, and can be custom-designed to your company's needs and instructed at your facility. For more information, please visit

Topics Include:
    What Is Sheet Metal Stamping?
    • What Is A Press?
    • Why Sheet Metal?
    • What Is A Die?
    • What Are Some Stamped Products?
    Die Types - Cutting And Forming
    • Piercing
    • Blanking
    • Shearing
    • Trimming
    • Notching
    • Pinch Trimming
    • Lancing
    • Bending
    • Flanging
    • Stretching
    • Ironing
    • Drawing / Draw Reductions
    • Solid Forming / Re-Striking
    Basic Die Components
    • Die Shoes - Foundational Casting
    • Guide Pins
    • Cam Slides / Gibbing / Drivers
    • Dowels / Screws
    • Pilots
    • Heel / Thrust Blocks
    • Punches / Buttons
    • Pads
    • Coil And Gas Springs
    The Die Building Process
    • Estimating Tooling Cost
    • Part Processing
    • Die Design
    • Machining Processes
    • Die Construction Process
    • Die Tryout
    • Quality Control Procedures


Stamping Die Set-Up Procedures - 8 Hours

Many stamping problems are the result of poor die set-up procedures and methods. Many of these problems can be resolved by properly educating the die set-up personnel with respect to proper die set-up procedures. This course will give the attendee a comprehensive understanding of the die set-up process.

Topics Include:
    Choosing The Right Press
    • Press Types
    • Tonnage During Stroke
    • Tonnage Distribution
    • Ram Speeds
    • Deflection Rates
    • Ram Parallelism
    • Stroke Length
    • Shut Height
    Die Placement
    • Tonnage Distribution
    • Off-Loading The Press
    • Tonnage Indicators
    • Alignment With The Coil
    • Die / Press Cleanliness
    Rough Shut Height Calibration
    • Stop Blocks
    • "Floating" In The Die
    Die Clamping Procedures
    • Toe Clamps / Blocking Height
    • Clamp Slot Bolts
    • Sag Detection
    Die Shut Height Primary Calibration
    • Lead Readings
    • Tonnage Readings
    Getting Material Into The Die
    • First Hit Line - The Importance
    • Setting Pitch
    • Setting Feed / Pilot Release
    • Setting Feed Line Height
    Final Shut Height Calibration
    • Stop Block Readings
    • Corner Tonnage


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