Even a small problem with a stamped part can still cost big money. A consultation may be the most cost-effective way to quickly get your company running smoothly again. Dieology will conduct a root-cause analysis of your problem and present possible options to correct the situation.

Besides seminars, Dieology offers consulting and other training services. The following services show the many different ways that specific training and problem solving can be achieved.

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Sending some of your employees to a public seminar can be costly and sending them all is out of the question. By bringing Dieology to your facility, you can save money and address specific problems at your convenience. Dieology can train your entire tooling group (three or more people) for a fraction of the cost of a public seminar and the travel expenses involved.


Combining classroom training with floor experience is one of the best ways to provide individuals with the knowledge and skill to meet company needs and solve specific problems. Dieology teaches up-to-date information about the stamping industry in the classroom and shows how to apply it on the shop floor. This “tell me, show me” combination replaces the “black magic” of the trade.


Every stamping and die building company has its own niche in the industry. With that, come a variety of unique problems to solve. Using root-cause analysis and the principles used in the automotive, aviation, appliance and hardware industries, Dieology is available to help you determine what you need to solve your unique situation and offers the tools to meet those needs.


Because each stamping and die building company is unique, having employees that know and understand your operation is crucial. Who knows more about what you do then your current employees who do it everyday? Dieology can help you develop an apprenticeship program and curriculum using knowledgeable employees as instructors while still meeting state and federal apprenticeship requirements. This can save thousands of dollars and eliminate some unnecessary and irrelevant off-site training.


Parts may look good on paper but fall apart in production. Working with ESI Corporation, Dieology can help you determine the feasibility of a proposed stamped part and develop a final die design. By using tools such as draw simulation software, we can determine potential problem areas in a stamped part before the product or tool design is finalized.

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